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Is This the World’s Oldest Eclipse Art?

There’s something shady about the idea that an ancient rock carving on a Neolithic tomb in Ireland depicts the Moon blotting out the Sun.


This 2,200-year-old slab bears the world’s first mention of leap year

Evidence dating back to 238 B.C. shows that ancient Egyptians recognized the need for a leap year to correct the slow drift of the seasons.


The Victorian Ladies Who Smuggled a Mummy Case Out of Egypt

Macclesfield, a market town in northwest England, seems an unlikely spot to find a collection of Egyptian antiquities. But the artifacts are here because of Marianne Brocklehurst, the daughter of a wealthy silk mill owner, and her interest in archaeology.


What to Know About a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder can cause pain and reduced range of motion. Who's most at risk and what are the best treatment options?


8 Things Named After Scottish Poet Robert Burns

Robert Burns - widely regarded as Scotland’s national poet - is a celebrated literary figure who inspired future writing greats including William Wordsworth, Mary Shelley, and John Steinbeck.


The truth behind the turbulent love story of Napoleon and Joséphine

The emperor and his wife's complex relationship is illustrated through the letters he penned her while at war and their mutual infidelity.


The Quirky Victorian Invention That Inspired a Risky Race

The air in Knutsford is filled with anticipation from spectators undeterred by gathering clouds, because it’s time for this one-of-a-kind competition.


11 Facts About Joséphine de Beauharnais

Her life was far from a fairytale.


The road that Calum built, Raasey, Scotland

It’s less than two miles long but it took one determined man over a decade to complete calum’s road.

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